Waking up to cloudy skies is NOT for me. I don’t like the toll my body and spirit takes in the winter. I don’t like winter.

One fucking year later…

…and she STILL has an affect on me!!


That beautiful moment when you realize the people you’ve romantically dealt with aren’t within your community/group of friends so you don’t have to really deal with that “mutual friend/might run into them” bullshit. Haha.

Seriously tho…she’s like…really cute….and pretty damned sexy…..totally my type….

*fans self*
Damned shame.


Omg!!! I just turned on the tv, started channel surfing and came across…Alice in Wonderland!!

The Tim Burton version!!

This movie means and represents so much for me.

I can’t even….

I hate feeling this way…

…I just want it to stop. I just want to move on. I just want to be able to breathe again. I want to be at peace again. I want to skip this part and get to the end.

OMG… WHYYYYYYY is she so sexy tho!?!?!!??!



Yo…. bitches be trippin.

I’ve never seen someone who seems so sane be so fucking delusiounal.


Getting *very* close to “Fuck That Bitch” status. I’m trying to fight that urge (for the sake of being a ‘better person’). But if it gets to that level…it’s a wrap.

Horoscopes for today. Accurate!!

I’m thinking of making another tumblr for my “blog” entries. And leaving this one as purely for reblogging. Would you follow my other blog if I made it?

Not that it matters in the end. But I’m curious.

I need to get my own place so that I can…

  1. Develop a proper sense of independence and self-reliance.
  2. Do things the way I want. How and when I want.
  3. Be free to truly be me.
  4. Drink freely.
  5. Smoke freely.
  6. Walk around the house in my underwear.
  7. Fuck loudly.
  8. Fuck all over the apartment.
  9. Throw house parties.
  10. Start to truly feel like an adult.

If being nice to someone….makes me so miserable…..why do I continue to do it?

Almost a year later….

….. and *SHE* still has an affect on me.

Seeing *HER* name just sent me into a weird “space.”

This is crazy.

My horoscope for today. Quite accurate actually.

My horoscope for today. Quite accurate actually.