I decided to do a 30 day vlog challenge. Let’s see if I can keep this up.

Sorry for the terrible sound, tomorrow’s will be better.


Day 12: Something you’re currently worrying about

My health is one. I’m slowly working on eating better as well as being more active. I’m making good strides, so I know it’ll get better in due time :-).

Another is moving (I want to do that within the next year).

And yet another is sex. I miss sex. Being single without a sexual partner of any kind sucks. I’m fine with masturbation but I miss straight up FUCKING. I’m not about to fuck just anyone, but perhaps I need to find a friends with benefits type situation. Haha, ok, let me not lie. I much prefer for things to progress naturally. So perhaps it will happen (I know a few people I wouldn’t mind taking that role in my life) but if not, then me and my toys will be just fine ;-).

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Day 11: Would you rather be stranded on a desert island with someone you love for 10 years or with someone you hate for a month?

I would definitely choose the latter. Firstly, with that option I would only be on the deserted island for a month as opposed to 10 years. Also, I think a month on an island with anyone I wasn’t fond of, being forced to work together in order to survive would only lead to good things. By the end of the month, we may not like each other, but I’m sure we’d have a better understanding of one another at least. And that would be a great outcome.

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Day 10: One thing you’ve lied about

Well everyone lies every now and then. I’m actually a very honest person, while I may not open up completely right away, and while not everyone knows everything about me, I don’t make up lies. If I feel necessary I’ll withold the truth, but I won’t make up a lie to replace it. Unless, I’m covering for a surprise or gift or something positive like that.

So, I guess one “non-truth” would be what the “last straw” was between my ex and I. And another would be one of the main factors on why I left school. I won’t put all that info out here, but if anyone gets close enough then they may hear the full stories behind both occasions.

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Day 9: Something that makes you sad when you think about it

Honestly, children who don’t get to be children.

I can’t count how many times I’ve seen a parent punish their child for being nothing but what they are. Yes, if a 3 year old sees a big space they’re going to want to run around in it. If they see a toy they’ll want to pick it up. Why do so many yell at their kids for doing these things? If a child is having problems with math, don’t yell at them for not getting the answer right (which I saw recently on the subway), HELP THEM work through it!!

I just hate seeing children getting hurt, especially emotionally.

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Day 8: You’re last night out in detail

Ok, so I actually just got in from my last “night out.” Which was on Saturday. My girl Stacey invited me out to a pajama party she was throwing. I had work that day, so I had to go home, shower, pack clothes, then leave. I got to her place around 12 or so and it ended up being more of a fun small get together. There were a few people there, including a friend who flew in from another state to stay for the weekend.

As people were getting ready to leave, I packed up and was about to be out the door when Stace goes “you’re not staying?” Well, needless to say I ended up staying that night. And since I had the next day off (Sunday) I ended up hanging out all day Sunday too. Then ended up staying that night too! We all spent the weekend hanging out, walking around the city, drinking, talking about sex, love, life. It was super random and SUPER fun. 

I’m glad I went to that party :-).

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Day 7: Things you like/don’t like about the way you look.

Well, I’m a plus sized black woman with natural hair who wears glasses. That, by itself is enough ammo for most people to talk about what they don’t like. But how about we focus on the positive?

So, what do I like? Well, I’m a plus sized black woman with natural hair who wears glasses. :-)

Casual Body

Picture 53

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Day 6: How you’d spend $10,000

If I got that much in a lump sum I would pay off all my left over debts. Then the rest goes into savings. I’d probably buy some new clothes, *then* the rest goes in the bank hehe.

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Day 5: Weird things you do when you’re alone

Weird? I don’t know how weird some of this things may be, but I’ll list them anyways.

~Sing along loudly to my music

~Dance around (and yes, that includes jumping on the bed, on couches, in the kitchen, etc.)

~Practice my “club dance” moves. At any moment you can see me trying to make my booty pop. Sometimes I’m successful, sometimes I’m not.

~I take photos and make videos (webcam and digi cam).

~Sometimes I catch myself playing with my tits. What can I say, I love tits :-P.

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Day 4: The best thing to happen to you this week.

I’ve actually been having a pretty down week. But I must admit, yesterday my job paid for my team to take a trip out to NJ. We visited a farm and went through a corn maze (yes, a giant sized maze made out of corn). I hated the maze at the time, but once it was done I got to sit back and realized that I got to enjoy being out in nature. I got to pet horses, feel a beautiful breeze and see nothing but green for miles on end. It was a beautiful change of pace and a really relaxing day. Which I needed. So yay for that :-).

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